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Tours to explore Cinque Terre & Beyond food and wine traditions; oily fish, spices and legumes being the most important ingredients of a "poor" cuisine which is actually very reach in taste.

Choose from our comprehensive list of Cinque Terre Food tours: cooking classes, tasting experiences, visits to markets and cellars. If you wish to explore the most genuine flavors of the Cinque Terre area, you are in the righi place. Cinque Terre has a long tradition most noteworthy in the preparation of oily fish and mussles. The use of spices and herbs is very typical also. Wines are unque, for the very special disposition of local wineyards, between sea and mountains. 

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Shop at local market & cook

Buy Local Products at the farmers market and prepare local dishes with a chef


minimum 4 people

Sailing with tapas at sunset

On a beautiful sailing boat at sunset for an Italian "Aperitivo" with tapas


with local winemaker

Cinque Terre Wineyard Visit

Try unique tastes and flavors for with Andrea, a Cinque Terre Winemaker

Cinque Terre & Beyond Local Food

Read about the Cinque Terre food Local traditions: fish, vegetables and herbs are the most typical ingredients. The renowned perfume of Pesto is only one of the many recipes...

Preparing Panigacci, a typical local bread
The Cinque Terre Breakfast Explained

The Cinque Terre and La Spezia Breakfast

Find out the most typical breakfast in La Spezia and Cinque Terre, something many Italians don't seem to undestand: focacci dipped in Cappuccino.

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