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Explore the deep blue with exciting Cinque Terre Boat Tours, with great snorkelling, diving and sport adventures as well as beach relaxiiong for the most lazy folks.

From the Gulf of Poets to the CInque Terre , with the wonder of Portovenere, Tellaro and Lerici, as far as you wish: the most beautiful Italian Riviera and its beautiful deep blue starts here. The enchanting seascapes of the Cinque Terre Tours are a wonder all to be explored. Enjoy swimming, diving, relaxing on the deck of the boat you prefer: speedboats, vintage and modern sailing, fishing boats. Take you swimsuit and sunglasses with you and let yourself be guided by expert local skippers and scuba divers to experience the Cinque Terre sea at its best.

€ 100

Fisher's Boat

Boat Tour with "Obelix"

Buy Local Products at the farmers market and prepare local dishes with a chef

€ Tailored

with gourmet lunch

Vintage Boat Tour of the Islands

A beautiful vintage boat to take you around the islands of the Gulf of poets


up to 7 people

Gulf of Poets in one day

The romantic Gulf of Poets on a beautiful soeed boat tour

€ tailored

with gourmet on board

One day speed Boat in Cinque Terre

Enjoy a beautiful vintage boat tour along the Cinque Terre Villages

€ tailored

"aperitivo" on board

Boat Tour to Portovenere with Tapas at Sunset

Boat to the romantic Portovenre served with tapas and wine


up to 11 people

One day Sail in Cinque Terre

Enjoy Cinque Terre from off-shore on a beautiful sailing tour


up to 11 people

3 days sailing in the riviera

Visit the Riviera on board a beautiful sailing boat


all day

Big game Fishing Tour

Enjoy a fishing adventure with a professional in Cinque Terre


lunch on board

One day speed Boat to Portofino

Reach Cinque Terre all the way to Portofino in the Riviera on a comfortable boat

Swim and dive in Cinque Terre

7 magical spots for scuba diving in Cinque Terre, Lerici, Portovenere and archipleago. Discover where and how

Diving in Cinque Terre
The Cinque Terre Swimming Trail

The Swimming Trail in Vernazza

Find out the most typical breakfast in La Spezia and Cinque Terre, something many Italians don't seem to undestand: focacci dipped in Cappuccino.

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