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Explore our Cinque Terre tours to enjoy an exciting Italian holiday destination, boasting a beautiful sea, unique hiking nature trails, picturesque and colorful ancient villages.

What is generally meant with Cinque Terre is a large region, including a national natural and marine park, several Unesco heritage sites, the first european biological district. It stretches on one edge to the cities of La Spezia and Sarzana at the verge of Tuscany, on the other to the beautiful Riviera. Find out how to enjoy the best of Cinque Terre with exeriences and guided tours and have the time of your life!

The Cinque Terre Villages

The Cinque Terre villages are pearls of the jagged and rocky coast stretching from Punta Pineda to Punta Mesco. Hills planted with vineyards, dry stone walls and mule tracks as a result of thousands years of hard work make a beautiful view. Explore the Cinque Terre villages from the sea, on exciting trekking routes, tasting local delicacies.

Visit the Cinque Terre Villages with boat tours, hiking trails and more
Explore Portovenere, Lerici, Tellaro and many more beautiful locations

Romantic adventures in the Gulf of Poets

The so-told Gulf of Poets is the bay of La Spezia. At its edges are the beautiful villages of Portovenere and Lerici. Explore its archipelago, with the island of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, the ancient sea villages and natural treasures, most of all overlooking the sea.

Mountains and see meet in the MAgra Valley

Green and blue, sea and mountains: the Valleys

The area is run by two rivers, abd therefore beautiful Valleys, the Magra's and Vara's. One reaching to the border with Tuscany, hence boasting the rich cultural heritage of the region, the other rich in uncontaminated green prairies strethcing west to with a constellation o ancient charming villages. The area creates a unique blend of mountains, sea and countryside landscape, most of all to be explored.

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